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"If you have bad credit, you immediately become infected with a serious inllness. You become untouchable for any lender! Luckily you have a different philosophy, you are all about helping people."
Applied May 1st Approved May 6th Prudence, NJ
"I never knew there where so many options for me, thanks."
Applied May 6th Approved Jun 10th Lora Samms
"Thanks for honoring your word. You guaranteed a loan and that's what I got, and the terms where very convenient. Thanks A lot."
Applied Sep 28th Approved Oct 8th Shawn Walker
"Your site has saved my marriage and our home as we have searched many sites with no results of any kind. I really started to think that no one really cared, that no one believed us and that no one was willing to give us a second chance. Thank God for people like you. "
Applied Jun 21st Approved Jul 4th Laura, GA
"My credit suffered due to a job loss. I got another job, but my credit was still damaged. In order to fix it I needed a loan, but it was hard to get one because I was not creditworthy, and the circle started back again. Anyway, you gave a chance, now my credit is improving."
Applied Mar 7th Approved Mar 9th Tyler Black
"I didn't know I could get that extra cash even already having a mortgage on my home. Your guides are great!"
Applied Sep 9th Approved Sep 30th Dennis Johnson
"I really needed that money. You're angels to me."
Applied Mar 16th Approved Apr 15th Amanda Reina
"This is the second time I use your program to get a loan, and the two times Iíve been able to get the loan that I needed in a speedy manner. I work so much and have so little free time that a site like yours comes as a valuable help to people like me, worth every cent. "
Applied May 20th Approved Jun 12th Natasha, VA
"I wanted to do an elective medical treatment that required an expensive procedure first. First I tried to contact different physicians but all provided the same answer: that my health insurance didnít cover such treatments and that I would need to pay for it. At that point, I had no money saved so I started looking for Medical Loans. I ran into your site and joined. In a matter of days I got approved for the loan I wanted and the exact amount I needed. Thanks! "
Applied Feb 21st Approved Mar 2nd Donna Meeker, NY
"Last Monday I got a call from one of your lenders Iíve applied to saying that we got approved for the loan we needed to buy an investment house. Iím really impressed with your service and I hope you keep up with your great work. Finding a lender is not an easy task but you made it so simple for me that I cannot thank you enough."
Applied Jul 3rd Approved Jul 10th Rebecca Stilfer
"I thought that getting a loan after bankruptcy was not possible. You proved me wrong and Iím very thankful for that."
Applied Feb 21st Approved Mar 3rd William Jones
"When I saw you could get me approved for an unsecured Visa Credit Card I joined immediately because thatís what I needed. Thank you so much!"
Applied Nov 26th Approved Nov 6th Jessica Thomas
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