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"I needed a car, but I had past credit problems. Iím so happy you were able to help me get my car loan, I just kept hearing declines and the best part is that the lender offered a plan that I really can commit to, good rate and small payments."
Applied Jun 6th Approved Jun 23rd Michelle, NC
"I can't believe I wasted all those months worrying about getting a loan, I should have applied witg you first thing. But now I have my loan and I couldn't be happier!"
Applied Mar 1st Approved Mar 6th Crystal F.
"Thanks to your debt consolidation services Iíve avoided filing for bankruptcy and Iím now on the path to improving my credit so I can get approved for a home equity loan to cancel all my debts. You really provide what you promise, thanks! "
Applied Nov 12th Approved Nov 12th Tracy Brick
"Being able to study was my only goal in life, thank you for making it possible for me!"
Applied Jun 10th Approved Jun 15th Lilly C.
"Before I joined your site I was a financial illiterate. Now Iíve avidly gone through all your guides and articles. I now even feel comfortable giving advice to my friends. And of course I got the loan that I needed when I joined."
Applied Dec 20th Approved Jan 16th Julia Jones
"Opening up my own tanning salon had been my dream for as long as I can remember, you gave me the tools to make that dream come true! Thanks!!"
Applied Jan 16th Approved Jan 30th Therese Warlor
"The purpose of this mail is to let you know how much I appreciated your help on my loan. Everything felt so right; you werenít bothered by all of my questions and fears, you answered promptly and clearly. You know this of course, but itís clear to me that you know how to do your job. Many thanks."
Applied Jun 9th Approved Jun 23rd Corinne, CA
"I do not own any property nor I had any credit. I had just graduated and I needed a loan to start and independent business project. But not being a homeowner turned out to be an obstacle even though I make a reasonable income. I explained all this to customer service and they immediately answered with 4 lenders to choose from that would approve my application. The first one I tried did!"
Applied Oct 16th Approved Oct 19th Justin Barnes
"My cash advance loan was approved within a day! I couldn't believe it when they contacted me to let me know the funds were in my account. This is what I call fast service!"
Applied Nov 13th Approved Nov 13th Charles, MT
"I heard that the terms offered on unsecured loans were usually worse than the ones on secured loans. Either your secured loans have unbelievable terms or you are different than the rest! I guess it's both!"
Applied Jan 11th Approved Jan 15th Farrah Smith
"An insurance agent made a good point about home insurance but I was a bit skeptical about his offer. And through your site I found out that my suspicions where true. The home insurance he suggested was way too overpriced. Thank you for finding me a much better deal."
Applied May 12th Approved May 15th Cathie
"I learned so much with you guys, I'm not going to make the same mistakes again with my credit. Thanks so much."
Applied Apr 4th Approved May 2nd Kevin White
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