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"I had to refinance my car loan because I couldnít afford the monthly payments anymore. I thought it would be more complicated but you made everything exceptionally simple and trouble-free. Iím now up to date with all my payments and I can relax thanks to you."
Applied Nov 8th Approved Nov 28th Jeffrey, VI
"I was looking for finance for starting a business. I thought that I should go for a business loan. But following the advice of the customer service department I applied for a home equity loan and got approved with much better terms. Later on, I confirmed what you people at customer service told me, I wouldnít have obtained a loan of that amount otherwise. I commend you for your efficiency; you saved me a lot of hassles and probably a lot of money too."
Applied Jul 9th Approved Jul 14th Roger, VA
"My finances were terrible and I saw no way out. You gave me a way out when you approved me for an unsecured loan. Thank you!"
Applied Dec 17th Approved Dec 24th Marie Burke
"Your package is so complete! I found everything I needed, from lots of lenders to great financial advice and credit repair tips!! This membership is a keeper for sure!"
Applied Jan 3rd Approved Jan 5th Adrienne Lotus
"I needed a motor vehicle loan for purchasing a bus for a non profit organization but the terms had to be affordable due to the purpose of the loan. Your great support team soon took care of the issue and found me a lender that provided the motor vehicle loan with a promotional rate. I want to thank both the lender and your firm for the great work."
Applied Jul 23rd Approved Jul 28th Omar Welch
"With my personal loan I was able to pay off some debt I had lying around. I even purchased some last minute things for my daughter's birthday with the leftover money! You're a life saver!"
Applied Jun 23rd Approved Jun 30th Margaret T.
"My biggest concern besides getting approved was my private information, but you showed me how wrong I was for doubting you, and I even got a good loan deal out of it. Thanks!"
Applied Mar 3rd Approved Mar 9th Peter
"I didnít know that as a homeowner I could get promotional terms even if I applied for unsecured loans. I joined your site looking for an unsecured loan and expecting high interest rates. But then following your advice, I applied for a homeowner personal loan and I got approved for a very inexpensive loan. Iím so happy. Thank you!"
Applied Aug 28th Approved Sep 4th Eileen Thompson, IL
"I have horrible credit, there's no point in beating around the bush. And that's the first thing I told you, if I recall correctly, I was like: "Hey my credit sucks!", but you told me it didn't matter and made me an offer I couldn't refuse!"
Applied Mar 4th Approved Mar 10th Lester Hampton
"I wanted a loan with affordable terms and low monthly payments and you suggested a secured loan. I must confess I was scared at first but thanks to the explanations of your team I understood the benefits of secured loans and applied. Now Iíve got everything I needed and can pay for it without sacrifices!"
Applied Apr 12th Approved Apr 18th Kevin Bishop
"You now have a walking advertisement. Your service is great and everybody will hear that from me!"
Applied Sep 26th Approved Oct 6th Alex, NC
"I joined your site looking for a debt consolidation loan and I soon got approved for one with much better terms and conditions than I had expected. Iím very happy with the results and Iíll make sure to tell everyone I know about your services."
Applied May 14th Approved May 19th Megan, NY
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