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"My brand new vehicle runs as smoothly as your service. Your team of customer service reps is great, they were ready to answer all my question with kindness and obvious knolwedge. And your lenders made me several great offers. Hard to choose one. "
Applied Sep 27th Approved Oct 2nd Jackie Smith
"I now was approved for the home improvement loan that I needed. All the family is very pleased and thank you for a great service!"
Applied May 8th Approved May 13th Robin Ray
"After a terrible accident due to income difficulties my credit got ruined and later on, when I recovered, I kept fighting to start over but financing was unreachable. Thanks to your help I got approved for a fresh start loan and I can now move on and improve my credit and financial situation."
Applied May 18th Approved May 23rd Jeff, CA
"With your suggestions on a cash-out refinance home loan, I finally could get out of my debt problems and bring some peace to my life. I知 an old lady and I want to give special thanks to the customer support team that assisted me throughout the whole process with sympathy and patience."
Applied Dec 19th Approved Dec 29th Katherine Mills
"Me having bad credit suddenly meant I was not worthy of help... or it seemed like it, since everyone kept denying my loan applications. You made me feel like a person again and you're right, there's nothing wrong with having bad credit! It just means I could use some extra help! Thank you!"
Applied May 15th Approved May 23rd Carmen, MD
"My husband lost his job right before our twins were due. Needless to say, I became desperate, all that stress was not good for us or the babies. You helped us to straighten things out until my husband found another job. Thank you!"
Applied May 13th Approved May 17th Edith Just
"I desperately needed a bad credit loan. I had to pay for medical bills and other expenses and I had recently lost my job. Fortunately, now I got another job and I知 making good money. Your services saved me then and know I知 thinking about purchasing a home. I値l surely contact you again when I make up my mind."
Applied Nov 15th Approved Nov 22nd Thomas Dixon
"I never thought that I could get a personal loan within 6 days, otherwise I would have applied with you months ago!"
Applied Jun 3rd Approved Jun 9th Susan, CO
"What to do when there's no way out of debt? I knew that payday loans, tempting as them seem, were not the answer. Your program was the answer! Thanks guys!"
Applied Jun 15th Approved Jun 20th Prudence, OH
"I知 ok now but I was still behind with medical bills and credit card debt. I just wanted to cancel all my debt. Now I got a personal loan with a monthly payment I can afford, thanks a lot!"
Applied Oct 10th Approved Oct 25th Stephen
"With my awful credit score, no one wanted to give me a chance. No one except for you! Thank you!"
Applied Mar 4th Approved Mar 11th Harrison M.
"I want to thank you for letting us accomplish our goals. Now that the future was looking brighter for us, we just wanted to get rid of our debt as fast as possible. We got approved for a consolidation loan and not only will we be saving thousands on interest but we will also be able to put money aside for buying a new car in the near future. We will be debt-free in a short time, thanks a lot!"
Applied Jul 18th Approved Aug 8th Traci King
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