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"In my experience, itís very hard for a tenant to get a loan but with your aid in less than a week after joining your site I got approved for an unsecured loan for the amount I needed and with installments I can afford. Please, feel free to post this comment in your testimonials; youíre doing an excellent job."
Applied Aug 23rd Approved Aug 30th Ariel Adam
"I am amazed at the speed of your service, I thought the process would be long and painful, but it was none of those things."
Applied Jul 11th Approved Jul 16th Kerri, NH
"I desperately needed a bad credit loan. I had to pay for medical bills and other expenses and I had recently lost my job. Fortunately, now I got another job and Iím making good money. Your services saved me then and know Iím thinking about purchasing a home. Iíll surely contact you again when I make up my mind."
Applied Nov 15th Approved Nov 22nd Thomas Dixon
"I discussed my lending options with the customer support team. They were very knowledgeable, and straightforward. I got all the funds that I needed and a lower interest rate than I had expected. I wonít hesitate to recommend your services to everyone I know, the work you are doing is extremely helpful for people like me. Iím sure you receive many praises like this one but I couldnít help to drop a line to let you know how grateful I am. "
Applied Oct 6th Approved Oct 18th Alex
"Not many lenders are willing to risk their necks in order to help someone they don't know. And it is completely understandable, but also very frustrating. You did just the opposite and trusted me when nobody else did. Thank you."
Applied Jan 13th Approved Jan 18th Joan Miller
"Customer support is extremely competent; they were able to guide me through the process of getting approved for a personal loan and made everything simple and stress-free. The situation I was going through was stressful enough and fortunately your amazing service helped me to deal with it. I will always be thankful to you, Iíve already recommended your service and Iíll certainly use it again if I need to."
Applied Feb 25th Approved Mar 12th Faith, NC
"I had absolutely no credit and I seriously doubted whether I'd be approved for a loan or not. But I was! Thank you!"
Applied Apr 1st Approved Apr 4th Marissa P.
"I had enormous faith in your service, and you didn't let me down. I'll make sure everyone hears about your astounding work."
Applied Apr 4th Approved Apr 8th Carla F.
"I had been approved for a home loan somewhere else, but I needed another source of money to cover the costs of moving. I was able to do that, and there was a small amount of money left over to furnish one of the rooms."
Applied Apr 16th Approved Apr 21st Paulette, OH
"I just needed a loan to consolidate all my debts and get a single payment. My credit wasnít good at all but you still managed to get me approved. I want to thank you and congratulate your team."
Applied May 29th Approved Jun 7th Jennifer, FL
"We wanted to purchase our own home but we didnít have much of a credit history though we had a good income. When I found your site I joined immediately hoping for a solution and thanks to you we got approved for a home mortgage loan with great terms. We are moving in next month. Thank you so much!"
Applied Jul 8th Approved Jul 15th Janet House, CA
"The idea of applying for a home equity loan instead of a personal loan was excellent. I got the funds I needed and now Iíll be able to afford the loan repayment with more ease. Thanks for the tip and for helping me find the appropriate lender!"
Applied Feb 19th Approved Feb 25th Amanda Borja
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