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Applied Jul 29th Approved Aug 18th Kevin, FL
"Excelent Service! I got what I came to find and I got it fast."
Applied Sep 24th Approved Oct 17th Tami Butler
"I wanted to buy a new car, but high interest rates where putting me off. I joined your site and got quotes from several lenders in a single day, I could even tell them what the others offered so they would lower the rates and improve their offers. Now Iíve got my new car and I know whom I have to thank. Thank you so much. "
Applied Jun 7th Approved Jul 21st Bob, WV
"Your professionalism is what caught me off guard. In this day and age, it is actually strange to be treated with such respect and kindness."
Applied Feb 17th Approved Feb 22nd Elaine Potter
"I want to congratulate your team on their hard work. At some point I was discouraged because no lender was approving me, but you didnít give up on me and I finally could refinance my home mortgage loan. Thank you for your effort and kindness!"
Applied Sep 17th Approved Sep 20th Ryan
"Iím so happy with my new mobile home. Thank you for helping me get this loan."
Applied Jul 15th Approved Jul 18th Wendy
"Thanks to your debt consolidation services Iíve avoided filing for bankruptcy and Iím now on the path to improving my credit so I can get approved for a home equity loan to cancel all my debts. You really provide what you promise, thanks! "
Applied Nov 12th Approved Nov 12th Tracy Brick
"This is service. I joined, applied and got my loan right away. Can't ask for more."
Applied Feb 4th Approved Feb 6th Keith Walker
"Thank you for guiding me through the debt consolidation process and helping me find an agency that could actually help me. "
Applied Apr 15th Approved Apr 18th Brian
"I don't know how I went from renting a one bedroom appartment to owning a small but cozy home in the suburbs. All I know is that I have to thank you for your help."
Applied Nov 16th Approved Nov 21st Osmond Stifford
"It can be really hard for tenants to obtain a loan. I got declined everywhere before I found your site. Now, Iím approved for a non-homeowner loan as I needed. Thank you all!"
Applied Jul 16th Approved Jul 19th Karl Lemons
"Customer Service was so polite, thanks so much."
Applied Feb 8th Approved Mar 15th Rebecca Gregory
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