Personal Finance - Yes and No!

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YES! Invest your money on different financial products, stocks, bonds, CDs, etc. It is important to make your savings grow along time in order to beat inflation and let your money work for you rather than you working for your money.

NO! Do not let your money stand still because currency loses value with time and thus, the same amount that would let your purchase a yacht today will not serve the same purpose in the future. Inflation may not be that high but if you let the money stand still it can lose half of its value in as little as ten years due to inflation.

YES! Always balance enjoying the present and saving for the future. Saving 20% of your available income each year will help you live a more stress-free life when you get old and retire. But you should also enjoy your money today buying the things you want and spending a reasonable amount on entertainment.

NO! Do not sacrifice your present in the altar of the future or your future in the altar of the present. You can enjoy yourself while still saving for what may come and you should not sacrifice your present because you never know what future holds and what may happen to you. If you do not enjoy your youth you may later regret it.

YES! Save as much money as possible and as long as you have money available, you should go against the market, buying when everybody is selling and selling when everybody is buying. If you have sufficient time ahead you will be able to enjoy high revenues this way.

NO! Do not go with the flow buying what everybody is buying or selling when everybody is selling. You should better invest on long term products and only when you have funds available. If you have debt, you should pay it off first because the interest rates on unsecured debts are usually higher than those paid by common investments.

YES! Real estate is a good field for investments and you should start with your own home. If you cannot save the money needed for the purchase and you will need a loan, make sure to find one with good terms. If you need to improve your credit score before applying do so. It may take some effort and sacrifices but it will surely pay out.

NO! Do not rent unless you are not sure whether you will be staying on one place. If you plan to settle and stay on a specific town or city, you should try to become an owner rather than renting. A property is an asset that you can always resort to when you need finance or eventually sell it while a rented property is nothing but an expense.

YES! Follow this advice but do not take it as strict rules. Your money is yours and you should spend it the way you want. Just make sure that you enjoy it and still leave enough for emergencies and for your future. Life holds many unexpected circumstances both positive and negative and you should be prepared for both types.

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